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For a long time, the iPhone was the only modern small-screen smartphone available with current-gen specs. This changed, however, with the introduction of the iPhone 6 line – the smallest version of which has a 4.7-inch screen. Apple realized that there was demand for a powerful device that was even smaller, which was how the […]

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Sony Xperia Z5 Premium – The first smartphone with a 4K resolution screen

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In the beginning of this year, I was able to test the Xperia Z5. At the time, it was the latest premium smartphone from Sony. However, they still had a surprise for us: the Xperia Z5 Premium. What makes this “deluxe” version better than the others? Compared to the Z5, there are not many differences, […]

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The image resolution of a modern smartphone is so good, you can stream one directly to a TV and think you were watching a DVD. However, achieving that level of fidelity was not so easy on Android due to restrictions on the OS. But with Google Chromecast, these issues are finally resolved. The Chromecast kit […]

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Modern Combat 5 Update!

Good day ladies and Gents, Today is an exciting day! We have the first major update to Modern Combat 5 AND the launch of another highly awaited game, Brothers in Arms 3! Please bear in mind that game launch and update times may vary depending on country and the processing time of different app stores. Both games are scheduled to launch […]

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I’m finally back (…for the Pastries!)

A very good day to you all! I’m going to once again have to apologise for neglecting our poor little blog, we have been crazy busy with game releases but it’s no excuse and I will strive to keep you up to date in future  – A blog is for life and not just for […]

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EGX, Modern Combat, and Spider-man!

Good day gamers! Sorry for my lack of blog posts of late, things have been a little crazy round here with game releases and preparation for events. I’ll try my very best to make it up to with regular updates from now on!   EGX London 2014!   Today marks the start of EGX 2014 […]

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MC5 Movie Maker Competition!

Howdy happy people, I hope you are all doing well on this grey afternoon in London town! Apologies for the lack of blog posts of late; things have been rather busy with the release of Modern Combat 5, but I fully intend to get back in your good books with a bunch of solid community events and competitions! […]

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My livestream setup

Good Afternoon ladies and gents! A lot of people have been asking about my streaming/recording setup for mobile and tablet gaming, so I thought I’d write a little blog and share some of my famous MS paint pictures to explain how to stream!       With most games you should be able to get […]

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Dungeons, Gems, and Dragons – Oh my!

Good day ladies and Gents, I hope this blog post finds you well! Today I’m here to talk to you all about Dungeon Gems, a beautiful Puzzle RPG that’s due for release soon™! Dungeon Gems is a puzzle RPG, which combines team building and character progression with a little bit of puzzle and strategy. The […]

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The Gumball Rally is coming to London!

Howdy gamers, I hope you are all enjoying this fine weekend of sunshine! Just a quick blog post this time, to let you all know about a little event going down in London town! Tomorrow (Sunday 8th June) the Gumball Rally 3000 is coming to London’s Regent Street, seeing over a hundred supercars and classics in […]

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